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Do you want to know the cheapest way to visit all the places you want to see? The TripPlanner helps you to sort out the most convenient connections at an affordable price.
Book your trip around the world today with our partner AirTreks!
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Trip planner

AirTreks is a new kind of travel service.We provide the best services for Multi-Continent air travel including Around-the-World, Circle-Pacific, Circle-Asia, and Circle-Atlantic itineraries. AirTreks makes it easy and affordable to do more and go further when you fly internationally. Our super-powered gives you the ability to create your own custom Multi-Continent trip—just the way you want. Then we give you access to unbelievable prices—often for little more than an international round-trip ticket would cost. And we help you every step of the way, with a wealth of benefits and great information and advice from our staff of expert Travel Counselors.

How do we do it? AirTreks is a powerful information service enabled by the Internet. International flight segments are priced differently for different markets, so AirTreks has built a network of hundreds of air ticket suppliers all over the world. We scour the globe looking for the best prices on flights between hundreds of destinations. Then we pass the savings on to you!

Take a look at our special fares on this page or use to create your own customized itinerary—with as many destinations as you like—and get instant prices. With TripPlanner, you can quickly and easily build different trips and explore all your options. You don't even need to know specific dates of travel! When you've created a trip that fits your travel plans and your budget, simply submit it to our expert Travel Counselors for booking. We'll answer all your questions and help you at every step along the way.

Ready to fly? Click here to start planning your trip.

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