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At backpackers-lounge.com you'll share your individuality with our community. You can rely on us: we definitely won't give away personal data about you!
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Privacy Policy
backpackers-lounge.com requires users to give a valid e-mail address to create a membership in order to access forums and other communication facilities. backpackers-lounge.com uses customers’ e-mail addresses only for the purpose of responding to and fulfilling requests for the services of backpackers-lounge.com, promoting new membership benefits or features or pointing out urgent problems on the site. Any other personal information the user disclose voluntarily to backpackers-lounge.com may be used to improve the quality of the users’ visits to the site.

Information posted to the communication facilities of backpackers-lounge.com is available to the general public and becomes public information. backpackers-lounge.com hereby advises users to exercise caution when deciding to disclose personal information. Users will be provided with options for changing and modifying information previously provided. Personal information can be edited or deleted on the ‘user profile’ page.

backpackers-lounge.com may from time to time ask its users for further information in order to update its records or for particular purposes. backpackers-lounge.com will always tell its users how any further information received from them will be used. Aggregate data, based on users' demographics, interests, and behaviour may be shared with advertisers or business partners of backpackers-lounge.com or used for promotional purposes. This aggregate data will not contain identifiable personal data. backpackers-lounge.com does not rent or sell its membership data or subscriber lists to any other organization for any reason.

backpackers-lounge.com may collect certain technical information from your computer each time you request a page during a visit to backpackers-lounge.com. This information is collected from your computer’s web browser and may include your IP address, operating system or web browser software. backpackers-lounge.com collects this information to help diagnose problems and administer its systems, to report aggregate information to its advertisers, and to audit the use of the site. backpackers-lounge.com does not normally link IP addresses to anything personally identifiable, which means that a user will remain anonymous even though the IP address will be incorporated into backpackers-lounge.com’s aggregate user information. However, backpackers-lounge.com can and will attempt to use IP addresses to identify a user when necessary to enforce compliance with the terms and conditions of backpackers-lounge.com, or to protect its services and other users.

This site contains links to sites other than backpackers-lounge.com. Those sites may not follow the same privacy policies as backpackers-lounge.com. Such links may be to advertisers, content providers or partners who may use the logo and/or style of backpackers-lounge.com as a result of a co-branding or application service provider agreements. These sites may collect information and use it in a way inconsistent with the privacy policy of backpackers-lounge.com.

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